Dartmouth Caring is always grateful to receive bequests or In Memoriam collections.  It’s a very positive and practical caring way to remember loved ones who have passed away.

You may also wish to consider leaving a legacy as part of your will.

Start Point Law

Careful inheritance tax planning is something we should all do.  Leaving a legacy to a charitable body such as Dartmouth Caring is also tax efficient if done in the right way.

We have teamed up with StartPoint Law in Kingsbridge who will offer some free basic advice, as well as preferential rates, to anyone who is a client or supporter of Dartmouth Caring.

Visit their website for outline advice before you get in touch with them.  The site includes a useful planning tool – helping to steer your thinking, save time and money before you get in touch.

If you’d like to know more, contact Rebecca Bristow at rb@startpointlaw.co.uk or call 01548 288 008.

If you decide to leave a legacy to Dartmouth Caring, let us know.  Notifying us of your intention does not commit you but it will help us plan for the future, knowing that your generosity could make a huge difference for those in our care.


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