Dartmouth is blessed with wonderful community spirit, but COVID-19 puts us in uncertain, rapidly changing and worrying times where we may each find ourselves in need of some practical help or just a friendly chat. We are fortunate in having many local people who want to help others during this difficult time so we want to match those who need help with those who can offer help. Together, we can get through this.

IF YOU NEED HELP, especially if self-isolating, please phone or email any of the numbers below. We are working together to provide essential services – and we will help you.

Dartmouth Town Council 01803 832281 e:
Dartmouth Caring 01803 835384 e:
Dartmouth Community Chest Dawn:

07496 349234


07414 656343

Or post a private message through their Facebook page ‘Dartmouth Community Chest’
Flavel Church 07771 174 098 e:
TQ6 Community Partnership 07421 452919 e:  Or post a private message through their Facebook page ‘Townstal Community’
United Benefice of Dartmouth and Dittisham


01803 835540 e:


St Saviour’s, St Clements, St Petrox & St George’s Dittisham Fr Will:

01803 414767



We cannot offer medical advice or assistance – for this, refer to NHS & Government guidance.

The small print! In accepting help, it may be provided by a new volunteer. Whilst organisations usually seek references and conduct police checks on prospective volunteers, due to urgency we do not have resources to do this, so we offer a volunteer to help on the understanding that you accept that we have not completed the usual checks. Should a volunteer deliver to your home, this will be to the doorstep only – they should not ask to enter your home and we ask that you do not invite them in. We ask you to exercise caution and do nothing that puts the health and safety of the volunteer or yourself at risk.

Please do not struggle alone – contact us, we would like to help.

IF YOU CAN VOLUNTEER TO HELP, please let us know.


We need volunteers to deliver 2 essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak, specifically:

  1. food shopping and/or prescription collection and delivery for those unable to do so themselves (e.g. due to self-isolating)
  2. telephone befriending, to help those struggling with a lack of social contact.

We may initially need help to leaflet homes to ensure everyone knows that help is available.


We need heroes (not superheroes!) so please do not offer to go out in the community if you are unwell or in a high-risk category. But there are many people who fall into a high-risk category and are well – if this is you, please do become a telephone befriender.

To volunteer, please print off and complete the following form and:

  • Email a scan/photograph to any one of the groups listed above, you choose which one
  • Then telephone your details through to the number given above.
  • If you cannot email then please call any one of the groups.


Full Name: Email:
Mobile: Landline:
Address: Postcode:
Do you have use of a car?  YES/NO Do you have a current DBS certificate?  YES/NO
We ask you to exercise caution and do nothing that puts your health and safety, or that of the person you are helping, at risk. All volunteers must not, under any circumstances, visit others if they themselves have a fever, a persistent cough, are of an age or have a pre-existing condition that places them in a vulnerable group (as defined by the Government guidelines), are on chemo or immunosuppressed. All volunteers must follow government guidance on hand hygiene (, avoid touching your face and use tissues to cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze (bin and wash hands after).


What service can you support?

1. Shopping and prescription collection and delivery?   YES/NO

2. Telephone befriending?                                                   YES/NO

Please note that, if further services are offered, we may contact you to ask for your help.


By completing this form, you agree to your contact details being shared for the purpose of coordinating the community volunteers during the COVID-19 outbreak.


THANK YOU for offering to help our community in this time of crisis.